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Well, today I discovered that a 'numerate' degree means one in which at least 50% of the modules were in some way mathematical. I knew psychology would be a stretch, but if that's how they decide it, then I'd have no chance. Not to worry though, I'd investigated government departments based in Sheffield earlier in the day and have already got another application up to the point at which I abandoned the other.

Also found out about an admin job at Sheffield College, which for some reason made me feel all funny when I discovered it. The job itself appears quite dull, and I don't really hold much stock by that kind of intuition. After all, the same people told me they had a 'good feeling' about both of the interviews I've had so far and that didn't exactly turn out to be accurate.

My goal of sending off a civil service application on Wednesday remains, and following that I'll print off the job description/person specification for the college admin job to take on the train with me when I go to visit my boyfriend. Would be good to have some notes ready for when I get back so completing the form won't be too bad.

Other activities of the day:
- Very, very nearly finished knitting my very first fingerless glove. In fact, I'm just sewing up the last seam. The finger holes are a little small, and I think the wrist will be a little too big, but it's wearable. Wearable in public in fact!
- Bought my first Christmas present of the year: the sequel to Dracula for my boyfriend. Now I just have to hope he/his parents don't see it and buy it for him... and think of however many other things to get him.


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