Nov. 5th, 2009

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I find having an interview in the foreseeable future really does put me off applying for other things. There's such a 'it could all just be pointless' feeling about it, and so I don't bother. Which is a bad idea if I don't get this job, but perfectly sensible if I do.

There does seem to be a lack of suitable jobs this week though, so it's not entirely due to my laziness. And I have been working on graduate scheme applications a bit, but it's so unlikely that I'd get on any of them that it borders on pointless anyway.

So, have I been working on writing for NaNo with my spare time? Well, not really at all. What I have been doing is watching the first series of ER. I'm not sure when I first started watching it on tv, but it certainly wasn't this far back. Getting a job really would disrupt such plans.

Possibly seeing the boyfriend this weekend, well, Friday-Tuesday. I'm not entirely sure he realised tomorrow is Friday though because I sent him a text to check that's what he meant, and he hasn't replied since. Silly boy. Didn't think I was going to see him til my interview, very exciting.

A man on Question Time is making the sound on my TV go funny.


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