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Why is it that things always need to be replaced all at once?

Things I need:

- A new camera (a split second encounter with sand and sea was the death of mine)
- A new ipod (it's been arguing with my laptop for months now, and I had to reset it getting on for 10 times the other day. It's almost 6 years old, it's getting on a bit)
- A new tv (I can't even connect my dvd player to it, it used to have to be plugged in via my video player, but that's broken now so I refused to bring it with me when I left home. Also it's fuzzy and I want lovely clear freeview)
- A new electric toothbrush (it barely lasts long enough to brush my teeth once. At least this is affordable)
- A new phone (this one is not desperate, but the battery barely lasts a day anymore, so by the time I've managed to get all of the above, this will definitely be needed)
- A new box of Rainbow Nerds (I've almost run out! Time to return to America?)

I think that is all. Oh, a new coat as well - a long, winter-friendly one. And a mirror, I've been living here for 9 and a half months and I still only have a hand mirror. One day it would be nice to have a job that meant I could afford things.

Today is the first time I have updated two days in a row for just over a year. Yay me.


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