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Jobwise, today I've applied to a child protection admin job (similar to the position I had an interview for a few weeks back, but this time requiring a qualification I don't have). Pretty much had the application sorted from before though, so that was very little effort.

Also worked on the application questions for the GORS (Government Operational Research Service) position, but considering that asks for a 'numerate degree', and I did psychology, it would be a bit of a stretch for me to get that. Not that psychology is without it's maths, we did endless statistics.

Not bad, but not great. Will have to find jobs I'm actually qualified for... even though I'm sure I'm perfectly able to do both of the above.

Other goings on of the day included the progression of learning to knit, and watching Strictly Come Dancing. Poor Lilia.

Oh, to have a life again.
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It's been a little over 3 months since I left the safety of Sheffield after finishing uni, and returned home to live with the parents. Within that time I have managed to get a grand total of one interview for a job I did not get.

Now there are exactly 3 months until Christmas, and so it's my goal to be employed by then.

I'll update here everyday* with my job searching progress, as a way of motivating myself to make sure I do it, and looking back, whatever happens, to see that I've been trying hard. The Jobcentre would be proud.

*apart from on days when I visit my boyfriend, because unemployed or not, I'll always be able to afford the 20-something pounds it costs me to travel to see him


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