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I've got an interview!!

It's for the museum job I mentioned a few days ago - so excited! Had to phone to arrange a time, and the woman told me to go to the 'entrance on Mushroom Lane'. I love Mushroom Lane, I used to walk down it everyday because, well, who wouldn't want to walk down a road with that name? I used to peek in their staff room. They have a Doctor Who poster up in there.

The museum used to have bees, but they suffered the Great Bee Death... now they have empty hives. And they store my favourite type of rock (mica - it's a rock you can peel) in the kind of trays we had in first school. And the have the most adorable little bug costumes for children to dress up in. And this kitchen area where you can open the drawers and it has all the insects where they might be hiding in your own kitchen. I could rave about it for ages.

This is one of the few times when I can be excited about the specific job and the company, and not just be excited because it's a job in general.

So anyway, it's on 17th November and I literally Can Not Wait.

I can't quite face the possibility that I might not get it, I just have to.

Will have to make sure I don't shout something like 'Oh no! Your poor bees!'... I talk about them every time I go in there usually.

In other news my Nano-ing is going terribly... I've made a start at least, but it'll need some serious work over the next few days for me to not get too far behind.


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