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Quick update because the internet has been playing up so I'm not sure how long I've got.

Today I applied for 3 jobs. Yay.

1. The civil servant job I have been preparing for the past couple of days.

2&3. Two jobs that I found out about in emails I'd signed up for from jobsites. Both admin things, sound pretty similar but weren't very descriptive, so I'm not actually entirely sure what I've applied for!

Also went to the jobcentre and that was boring, but apparently they do help with the cost of college courses, so that could be useful.

Going to the boyfriend's house tomorrow so there'll be no further updates for a while. We did just have an argument over the medium of text messages though, which is a stupid thing to do at the best of times, but even more so because he was angry that I'll be leaving on Monday even though I told him that days ago. Whatever. Sorted now, he's visiting me on Tuesday, but not coming back with me on Monday because I'm seeing my best friend that night and I think he has a problem with the fact that I'm coming home 'early' to see her rather than staying at his for the night. All very ridiculous because, as I mentioned, I'd been planning on coming back Monday anyway, he was the only one who ever mentioned Tuesday. Just because I want to come home so I can apply for more jobs so I can move up there permanently and make myself happier, and he doesn't understand that because he doesn't seem to have any motivation to get a job and leave home.

Yeah, there are some issues there. It may or may not work out, but his lack of motivation in this and my utter determination are where we differ most I think. I get a lot of satisfaction from working hard and achieving things, and that's what I want from a boyfriend as well, so I guess I'm just going to have to encourage and hope for the best.
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I'm so bored of being unemployed that I'm looking forward to tomorrow simply because it's the day that Sheffield council update their job vacancies. Fun life, eh?

Have almost finished filling in the civil service application. Got one more question to answer. Have to think of an example when I had 'drive'. ...I can't think of one. Still, it's only got to be 200 words long, so hopefully I'll think of something in the morning and send it off before I go to the jobcentre. Talking of, I really bloody hope it isn't too patronising. A group meeting about how to look for jobs? What do they think I've spent the last few months doing? Still, I have £60 left in my bank account (that is, £60 until I reach my overdraft limit, I actually have -£940) and a £22 train journey to make on Thursday, so I guess it's worth being patronised for £101.

Joined lots of communities earlier to make my reading page a bit more exciting. Not that that was difficult. Most of them don't seem to be updated very often, but still, that just seems to be the way here. I suppose it's all still relatively new. Friends would improve things, but I don't expect anyone to watch to read about my job search, so I'll treat myself to friends once I'm employed!

Once again, that is all the excitement I have to report.


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