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Yesterday's trip to the dentist did not involve being told I need a filling. Yay! Having told him I'd had toothache though, he said I was probably grinding my teeth because I'm stressed. Oh joy, even my teeth are stressed. Do I get to have a job now please? Can't complain too much though, if you're on Job Seekers' Allowance you don't have to pay for a checkup.

New laptop is all set up and on the go! It's lovely being able to use the laptop's own keyboard, not have to worry about it being plugged in the whole time, and most of all, not have the screen half hanging off.

Took me ages to copy over all my music and photos etc, but now I have room for lots and lot more!

Job search update for the day: Started on Casework Assistant application. That is it. Oops. Also emailed boyfriend (he sent me a postcard from his brief trip to Whitby which arrived this morning, "Dear beloved, so far away...") with some jobs so he can get applying too.
Got job centre tomorrow, and I do believe they're going to ask me to come every week for a while from now on. Rubbish. Really hoped I'd have a job before it got to this stage.

Finally: Gordon Ramsey got plastic surgery on his face. I am both shocked and amused.

Finally finally: What will I do for subject lines when I no longer have (...days to go)? Oh, and I could really do with a userpic or two.
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Haven't done much that is in any way productive today.

Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist (hoping I don't need a filling, but thinking I might) and buying a new laptop (I've given up on waiting until I next get an interview).

...I'm hoping this will lead to continued 'doing things' and not just playing with my new toy. Seems doubtful, but the first application I'm going to do looks really straight forward, so I'm aiming on completion before lunch, leading to some guilt-free playing, and then investigating the next application on the list.

Plans are useful, and that is mine.

Talking of plans, I've been thinking of doing nanowrimo this year, because I have no education or job commitments, so I should be able to fit in writing it around applying for things. However, I have no idea what to write. Am hoping somehow a new laptop will help me get inspiration... somehow.


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