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Back from many days at the boyfriend's house. Very much enjoyed it, and he apologised a lot for being a bit of an arse the day before I'd got there, which was good, got rid of any awkwardness that there may have been. Went to Chatsworth (as we always seem to do when I go there, and it's a lovely place, but personally I prefer variety) to see the sculptures which was really interesting. My favourites were Ariadna I by Manolo Vald├ęs, and Buddha by Niki De Saint Phalle (and from behind), but there were lots of ace ones... and some which, in my opinion, were not so great.

Also went for a little walk on the Peaks which we really must do more often. Having a car and being able to drive would be oh so useful. Just generally had a lovely time with him, and yes his mum was as overly fussy as usual (the food is fine, but if you keep asking me if it's ok and then commenting on everything wrong with it, then it will mean I don't enjoy it. So be quiet) but I'm trying to be lovely and chatty anyway, even though that's something I find near impossible.

Anyway, job search progress: very little as I haven't been here. Heard nothing back from any job applications.
Since being home I've registered to a couple of job agencies. Don't hold out much hope for them, because I've got lots of other things to be applying for to be bothered chasing them up as well, but if they contact me then that's just grand. Half way through my application for the Sheffield college job. There are some gaps, I don't think I've had enough office experience really, but it's not too bad. Not going to give up on it, and will finish it off and send it tomorrow.

The parents have put an offer in on a house they like. And are putting down the price of our house again. Get us out of here now please! Lovely house and all, but moving would be an ideal chance to get rid of lots of stuff, and it would be great to do it before I get a job and move out. But however long it takes me to get a job, I'm sure they'll still be living here. It's been up for sale for years.
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