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I have a semi-idea for NaNo! Don't know if it will work. It begins with two people running away to get married, in the middle they travel, and somewhere near the end they dance. But it's not necessarily happy ever after... I'm undecided. And I think it may be fantasy, allowing for more of a conclusion. Fantasy is more interesting to write, and no-one can criticise the inaccuracies that way! I'm not entirely sure about it yet. But it's a beginning, the start of an idea that I can ramble out for quite a few days, I just wonder if it can be extended over 50,000 words.

Applied for a job today. Looks like it would be pretty boring, but it would do just fine for a year or so... if only I could get it! I look forward to that day so I don't have to obsess about such things anymore. What a relief that will be.

Other than that today, like every other day, I have done nothing. Again I state: What an exciting life I lead!
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Feeling a bit better about things today. Applied to three 'proper' jobs today. Proper meaning full time and in Sheffield. Doesn't take that much to impress me, but apparently it's still too much for me to succeed.

One of the jobs was for Sheffield Museums & Galleries and I would love it, so I have all of my fingers crossed, and most other body parts too.

Had a couple of vague ideas about what to write for NaNo, but nothing that would really go anywhere. Actually, I did have a decent horror idea, but I don't want to write horror... I think I would be awful at it, and the whole thing is enough of a challenge already!

Will spend more time thinking about it tomorrow. Poetry captures my imagination in a way that often gets me wondering about 'what happens next', so I think I'll get out my giant Pablo Neruda book (and crayons, the thought of that book makes me want to colour in) tomorrow and hope it inspires me.

Off to watch Defying Gravity now. Although I guess it might not be as good watching it at home on my own as it was lying in bed with my boyfriend. Oh, and job emails are coming in, must go and investigate them.
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I think I have reached a new level of depression with the whole unemployment thing.

I just gave in an application for a Christmas job at a card shop in town.

I got home and cried.

One thing I don't want is a job in my home town. I want to leave, live and work in Sheffield. The idea of tying myself to this town with a job is physically painful.

I'm just hoping I never hear back from them. I've done exactly what I promised myself I'd never do and feels worse than I ever believed it could.
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Success! Well, not to get to excited, no major developments in the life of me, but today I completed two applications, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Finished the nhs one that I've been working on for a few days, then completed another for an admin job that I think is to do with student accommodation, but the advert was pretty vague so I'm not to sure. If anyone contacted me about that one I'd definitely need more info before taking it any further (although whatever they said it's highly unlikely I'd turn down an interview!)

For once I've run out of jobs to apply for so I'm going to have to do some searching tomorrow... although a couple with probably have turned up in my inbox by morning anyway.

Anyway, that is all. One day I hope to have a life and have something more exciting to update about.
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Just started watching True Blood (is it any good? Anyone watch it?), so this will be a short one.

Sent off college job application. Was silly though, and you had to fill it in on a pdf thing so you only had limited space. I, however, needed more space for my supporting information ramblings, so I had to quickly finish it, print it all out, and get myself to the postbox. Deadline is tomorrow, which would have been fine if I could email it, but now i worry about it not getting there in time. Will have to phone them I think to check it's there, I'll only worry otherwise. Not that it matters, I highly doubt I'd get an interview out of it anyway.

Other than that I've been reading the boyfriend's dissertation (actually pretty interesting) and knitting a glove because it's finally getting cold. Winter weather, I love thee (apart from when you make me fall over, but that should be a while off yet).
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Quick update because the internet has been playing up so I'm not sure how long I've got.

Today I applied for 3 jobs. Yay.

1. The civil servant job I have been preparing for the past couple of days.

2&3. Two jobs that I found out about in emails I'd signed up for from jobsites. Both admin things, sound pretty similar but weren't very descriptive, so I'm not actually entirely sure what I've applied for!

Also went to the jobcentre and that was boring, but apparently they do help with the cost of college courses, so that could be useful.

Going to the boyfriend's house tomorrow so there'll be no further updates for a while. We did just have an argument over the medium of text messages though, which is a stupid thing to do at the best of times, but even more so because he was angry that I'll be leaving on Monday even though I told him that days ago. Whatever. Sorted now, he's visiting me on Tuesday, but not coming back with me on Monday because I'm seeing my best friend that night and I think he has a problem with the fact that I'm coming home 'early' to see her rather than staying at his for the night. All very ridiculous because, as I mentioned, I'd been planning on coming back Monday anyway, he was the only one who ever mentioned Tuesday. Just because I want to come home so I can apply for more jobs so I can move up there permanently and make myself happier, and he doesn't understand that because he doesn't seem to have any motivation to get a job and leave home.

Yeah, there are some issues there. It may or may not work out, but his lack of motivation in this and my utter determination are where we differ most I think. I get a lot of satisfaction from working hard and achieving things, and that's what I want from a boyfriend as well, so I guess I'm just going to have to encourage and hope for the best.


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